Fund Raising volunteer
We need your help with fundraising! If you’d like to volunteer, please email .

Vocal Talent
Meet with us every so often to record PSA’s Station ID’s, and have some fun. People with interesting voices and accents, are warmly encouraged to apply.

Disc Jockey
Spin the wax! Make Chit Chat! Get call in’s!

We will consider homemade prerecorded shows, providing the content meets our standards. Send in your demo tapes/CD’s now for future consideration.

Talk Show Host
Are you on a mission that you feel many other Gorge residents are? PROVE IT. Set up your local community interest talk show, and get your opinions aired! Take calls, or invite other interested, and informed members of the public to give their unique perspective on your subject. We are not interested in self-promoters.

We want serious debate on serious issues in and around the Gorge community. Make your voice heard!

Thank you for your support!