$2 for cash payments, $1 for BreezeBy


HOOD RIVER, OR – The Port of Hood River Board of Commissioners approved a bridge toll rate increase on December 5, 2017 following two public hearings and a series of presentations to local municipalities on both sides of the river. Citing the need to plan for up to $51 million in repairs and capital upgrades to the existing bridge in the next fifteen years while at the same time completing required pre-development steps that precede construction of a replacement bridge, the Commission voted unanimously to increase the toll and set the effective date at February 1, 2018. The Commission dedicated 100% of the new toll revenue to the Port’s Bridge Repair & Replacement Fund.


Base toll rates for passenger vehicles will double for cash-paying customers, going from $1.00 to $2.00 per crossing. Bridge users that have signed up for the Port’s prepaid tolling system, BreezeBy, will have a relatively modest increase, with their per crossing rate going from $0.80 cents to $1.00 for two-axle vehicles. Toll rates depend on vehicle class with large trucks, RVs, and trailers paying $3.00 per axle for cash, $2.00 per axle on BreezeBy.


Vehicle Class Toll Vehicle Class Toll
Class 0 – Motorcycles $1.00 Class 0 – Motorcycles $0.75
Class 1 – Passenger Cars & Pickups $2.00 Class 1 – Passenger Cars & Pickups $1.00
Class 2+ – Large trucks, RVs, Trailers, Busses – PER AXLE $3.00 Class 2+ – Large trucks, RVs, Trailers, Busses – PER AXLE $2.00


The Port has implemented a new online BreezeBy customer account management system that enables customers to open an account online and receive their transponders in the mail, avoiding the need to visit the Port offices during business hours. There are no fees open an account, and each household receives one transponder for free. After that, each additional transponder is $5.00. The Port anticipates significant new demand for new BreezeBy accounts as a result of the toll increase, but customers should still expect to receive their new transponders in the mail within 2-3 business days, depending on the volume of orders.


Information and registration is available at http://portofhoodriver.com.


For more information, contact the Port via email to porthr@gorge.net or visit the Port office at 1000 E. Port Marina Drive in Hood River. Spanish language customer services are now available.




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