Anna Osborn

It seems like only yesterday that Anna Osborn came to Radio Tierra. First as volunteer DJ, hosting a Sunday show with her best friend Sarah Christensen, SANA con Sarah and Anna. And then spending some time as Radio Tierra’s first roaming reporter. And most recently as Radio Tierra’s Administrative Assistant.

As most know, 100% of the work done at Radio Tierra has been done by volunteers since the creation of the station. The running of the station, programming, meetings, DJing, recordings, interviews and technical work has all been done by people willing to volunteer their time and long hours to insure that the station is always airing and functioning 24 hours a day.

But as the station grows, it has been becoming increasingly hard for all the work to be done by only volunteers. And there’s were Anna comes in.

As most of the volunteers have full time jobs or full time families, it has become very important to have staff available to help answer phone calls, set up meetings, and help with he the day to day happenings of a community radio station.

Anna has become a very integral part of Radio Tierra. In the almost two years that Anna has been working with Radio Tierra, she has helped to organize fundraisers, set up parade schedules, helped to do recordings with community organizations, helped to keep us up to date with PSA’s, organize the station and most importantly helped the station with grant writing, most notably the Ford Family Foundation Grant Radio Tierra received in 2019 for Community Outreach.

“We are truly thankful to have Anna as part of the Radio Tierra family, I don’t know what we would do without her! All the hard work she has done since she started working with us has been invaluable. And has helped Radio Tierra grow and head in the right direction.” Juan Reyes-Radio Tierra Board President.

If you have any questions regarding the station, or would like to set up a meeting, or work on an underwriting contract, you can contact Anna at (541) 645-5159 or by email at

Anna is also available in person Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the radio station located at Next Door Inc.