Aaron Glasgow

Aaron Glasgow was one of the founders of Radio Tierra. As the main technician for the station, Aaron donated hundreds of hours of his time to make Radio Tierra a reality. His dedication to the station -- and bravery -- was unforgettably demonstrated on that windy and snowy day on January 24th of 2004 when [...]

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Dardo Salas

Dardo Salas is one of the principal founders of Radio Tierra. Dardo and Aaron began planning and fundraising in 1999. Five years of hard work and countless hours later, the dream of a community radio station was finally realized when Radio Tierra began broadcasting in January 2004. Dardo was one of the principal technicians for [...]

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Norberto Maahs

Norberto moved from Argentina to the Columbia Gorge in 1977. An occupational therapist by training, he worked for Columbia Gorge Center, a non-profit for disabled adults, from 1977-1987. In 1987, he began working as a case manager for the State of Oregon for the Seniors and People with Disabilities agency. Norberto has been involved with [...]

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