Alejandro Aguilera – Entérate Los Sábados

Alejandro Aguilera Cano and his show Entérate - Por los dos próximos meses -Sábados   8:00 – 10:00 am.  Información de Interes para la comunidad - Cultural, social, y educacional con buena musica. Information of interest for the community – cultural, social, and educational and good music. Mucha diversion en cada programa.  Lots of fun every [...]

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New Kind of Lonesome

New kind of lonesome hosted by Mike Nichols. Monday evenings . The show airs every week, Monday evenings  7 – 9 p.m .  He shares his extensive music collection with Radio Tierra listeners--33 1/3 vinyl records and hundreds of CDs. He plays music from the early 1970s to the present with some material from the [...]

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Alex Guzman – Honor a Quien Honor Merece

Alex Guzman los espera cada lunes a las 5:00pm Sintonizate para dar Honor a Quien Honor Merece.     Respetar y reconocer a las personas, instituciones u organizaciones; materiales, días festivos o eventos que han dado dirección al cambio de la sociedad, la influencia y el impacto de sus acciones e ideas en nosotros. Paying [...]

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Patrica Ortega-Cooper Equitable Education- NOW ON MONDAYS!!

Patricia Ortega-Cooper  and the Hood River County School District bring you information pertaining the school district, educational tips to help your children succeed. As well as live interviews with educational experts such as teachers and the Superintendent. Tune-in NEW DAY!!!   Mondays from 12-12:30 p.m. With more than 20 years of teaching and educational experience, Patricia [...]

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Ubaldo Hernandez – Sintoniza y Aprende con “Conoce Tu Columbia”

Conoce tu Columbia, produced by Columbia Riverkeeper Community Organizer, Ubaldo Hernández, airing every other Tuesday from 7 to 8 p.m. or find archived episodes on our website ( Through inspiring interviews and music, the show shares stories of people protecting our health and water from pollution. Tune in and learn how you can make a difference in your community.  [...]

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La Jardinería con Master Gardeners

La Jardinería: Cada 15 días los jueves de 8 a 9 am.    Con los Master Gardeners Dennis Carlson, Kathy McGregor y Leanne Hogie.   Conversaciones e información sobre la producción de verduras y frutas saludables, arbustos, flores y hierbas con miembros del programa Master Gardeners de Hood River. ¡Los beneficios de crecer su propia [...]

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Frontier Musicology.

Every Sunday at 7:00PM and Thursday at 5:00PM  Josh Price, MC Nelson, and Nat host the most ridiculous radio show in The Columbia Gorge.  They play music you never would have imagined you'd like - everything from forgotten 1920s folk to Ukrainian polka covers of American pop - while battling Space Vikings, Amy Grant fans, [...]

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