Do you love the sound and feel of vinyl records? Then The Grok Show is for you!

Tune in every Tuesday night from 6 to 7 p.m. to hear the unique set of vinyl-exclusive music DJ Grock has in store for you.

“I’m DJ Grok (aka Chris) and “The Grok Show” is every Tuesday night, 6-7 pm.  I started DJing 19 years ago and that’s when my passion for collecting vinyl began.  My collection now stands at approximately 2,500 records, spanning genres from jazz, to classic rock, classical, hip hop, house, trance, trip hop, downtempo, country, reggae, disco, funk, latin jazz, bossa nova, mambo, cha-cha, salsa, classical, and just about everything in between.  Each week I bring my trusty 19-year old Technics turntables to the Radio Tierra studio to provide a set of vinyl-exclusive tunes from my collection.  Each week I choose a theme that might be genre-specific, highlight a featured artist, or featured artist duo, or some other creative musical concoction.  I enjoy sharing some information about an artist, or might share upcoming astronomical events.”