2016 Mayors’ Independence Celebration

Marichi Los Temerosos De Juan Antonio at the 2015 event

Marichi Los Temerosos De Juan Antonio at the 2015 event

Come and help Radio Tierra and the mayors of Bingen, White Salmon and Hood River celebrate our country’s diverse talents and patriotism at a live broadcast of the Mayors’ Independence Eve Celebration, Sunday, July 3, 7:00 to 9:00 pm, at the Bingen Theater, 210 Oak Street in Bingen. As a special feature of this year’s party, we will honor the memory of Gorge native and 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Min Yasui.

Radio Tierra’s live broadcast will include the music of Mariachi Los Temerosos De Juan Antonio, Maren Euwer, Weiler & Tindall, Tim Mayer and the Riverside Gospel Choir, Midnight Gypsy, Harmony of the Gorge, Antifaz & Paul Blackburn; readings of poetry by Robert Service, Langston Hughes,

Juan Reyes and Will Thayer-Daugherty gave bi-lingual reading of William Stafford poetry at 2015 event.

Woody Guthrie, and original poetry readings by White Salmon 4th graders; tongue twister contest with Kirby Neumann-Rea; and a special appearance by Sam Hill.

Admission is free, with donations to the Mayors’ Independence Eve Scholarship Fund accepted at the door. The Fund will provide scholarships to students living in the Gorge.

“Join us for an evening of live radio entertainment with food and drinks offered by D’Lish Delivered,” says organizer Gary Young. “The entertainment is great for the whole family and a wonderful beginning to the Independence Day holiday.”

For more information on the Sunday, July 3 “Mayors’ Independence Eve Celebration,” contact Gary Young, 541-399-2157.


Repair Cafe

Volunteer Ryan Vansickle, (left) Repair Cafe organizer Turner Savard (center) and volunteer Justin Black. Photo: Suzanne Wright

Volunteer Ryan Vansickle, (left) Repair Cafe organizer Turner Savard (center) and volunteer Justin Black. Photo: Suzanne Wright

White Salmon Librarian Turner Savard was invited to be on the air with Radio Tierra to talk about some of the library’s ongoing and special programs, including a first­ in the ­Gorge ‘Repair Cafe’. Turner was pleased to receive a call­-in question while on the air. Another listener contacted him after he got off the air. “It was very exciting to know that members of the Spanish speaking community were listening and interested,” wrote Library Director Jennifer Hull, “enough to follow up to get more information about the library programs and services.”

Pledge Drive

Once again this spring Radio Tierra’s listeners jumped in and gave their support to keep the music and information the DJs and board work to bring you. We’ll be posting soon how much the pledge drive brought in.

Operations Manager Leti Valle

Leti ValleLeti Valle coordinates the programs you hear on the station. She works with community agencies and businesses to bring information our listeners. She has her own radio show, Conectados con Leti Valle (Connected with Leti Valle) Tuesdays from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The show includes: music, shout-outs and dedications, health and wellness topics/tips, community events and resources as well as interviews with Gorge agencies and political figures. Prior to joining Radio Tierra’s staff, Leti was a member of the Board of Directors.

Thank You!!

Board President Gale Arnold, DJ Humberto Calderon give a big thank you to Luis F. Serrano for his donation.

Board President Gale Arnold, DJ Humberto Calderon give a big thank you to Luis F. Serrano for his donation.

The response we received from our community during our first, three-day pledge drive was incredible. To date with pledges still coming in the drive has raised $3,547.

Support came in many forms besides money–visits to the station, chats with people about Radio Tierra, all added up to show that the community is on board. Continue reading

Hood River Cultural Trust award to Radio Tierra

Hood River Cultural Trust announced on Oct. 29 that it is awarding Radio Tierra a $1,477 grant to purchase digital equipment field recording and remote broadcast equipment.

“This equipment upgrade will allow the station and its volunteer programmers to record regionally significant cultural events, broadcast them remotely, or archive them for future use,” said Radio Tierra Station Manager Patricia Baum. “This equipment upgrade and subsequent training program will teach programmers how to record, archive and distribute programming of cultural and historical significant to the community.”

Radio Tierra Receives $29,593 Grant

Hood River, OR July 12, 2014– Radio Tierra, KZAS, was awarded a $29,593 grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust this month. The funds will be used to gather community input and develop a five year plan on how best to serve the Columbia Gorge in programming and technology.

The grant will allow the station to proceed with installing an antenna in the Parkdale area to provide service to the upper valley. Since its beginning 14 years ago, the station has run by volunteers. The grant will allow the station to now hire a station director.

Meyer Memorial Trust is a private foundation (not connected to Fred Meyer, Inc.)

Volunteer Opportunities

Fund Raising volunteer
We need your help with fundraising! If you’d like to volunteer, please email .

Vocal Talent
Meet with us every so often to record PSA’s Station ID’s, and have some fun. People with interesting voices and accents, are warmly encouraged to apply.

Disc Jockey
Spin the wax! Make Chit Chat! Get call in’s!

We will consider homemade prerecorded shows, providing the content meets our standards. Send in your demo tapes/CD’s now for future consideration.

Talk Show Host
Are you on a mission that you feel many other Gorge residents are? PROVE IT. Set up your local community interest talk show, and get your opinions aired! Take calls, or invite other interested, and informed members of the public to give their unique perspective on your subject. We are not interested in self-promoters.

We want serious debate on serious issues in and around the Gorge community. Make your voice heard!

Thank you for your support!