Thank You!!

Board President Gale Arnold, DJ Humberto Calderon give a big thank you to Luis F. Serrano for his donation.

Board President Gale Arnold, DJ Humberto Calderon give a big thank you to Luis F. Serrano for his donation.

The response we received from our community during our first, three-day pledge drive was incredible. To date with pledges still coming in the drive has raised $3,547.

Support came in many forms besides money–visits to the station, chats with people about Radio Tierra, all added up to show that the community is on board.

“I would say our first pledge drive was a success on many fronts,” says Station Manager Paty Baum. “Thanks to those who participated! Thanks for your support.”

Humberto Calderon started the pledge drive each day at 7:00 a.m. When he left at 9:30 a.m., others stepped up and got behind the mic, including DJ’s, programmers, staff and board members: DJs Don Beto, Leticia Valle, Alejandro Aguilera, Eli, Debo Dinero, DJ Sur, and our newest DJ and board member Juan Reyes. Gale Arnold, Paty Baum and Susan Hess also took a turn.

Popular DJs Humberto Calderon and Don Beto.

Popular DJs Humberto Calderon and Don Beto.

People brought donations to the station throughout the days: including a brother and sister from the MVES in Odell. Cesar is a third grader in Sarah Christensen’s class. He participated in the Radio Tierra’s Day of the Dead program. The siblings said they wished there was more children’s programming, and both would like to participate!

On Sunday morning, during Humberto’s show, father and son Aurelio and Jose Gonzales were two of several who came in out of the cold with a donation for songs Humberto auctioned off Saturday night.

A woman who came by to pay her pledge, wanted more programming about how women can better themselves, both professionally and personally.

Another woman expressed interest in having more information about resources available for victims of domestic violence.

Humberto interviewed Paty and Gale on-air on Saturday about their experiences in Mexico, which added another dimension to the rich life experiences of our board and staff.

Make a pledge. Keep the beat of the Gorge.

RADIO TIERRA kicks off its first pledge drive this weekend Nov 14-16. DJ’s will host their regular programs with special guests, who will help this fund raising drive. Your donation is tax deductible.
There are several ways to make your pledge.

  • By phone during the drive
  • Come by the station at The Next Door, 965 Tucker Road.  Nov. 14. Friday 3-7 p.m.  Nov 15-16 Sat and Sun. 10-3 p.m.
  • Online at here at our website. Just push the Donate icon.

Your donation will help the station bring music, special events as well as keeping equipment up to date. Become a Radio Tierra Amigo, and voice your opinion by filling out one of our listener surveys.

Hood River Cultural Trust award to Radio Tierra

Hood River Cultural Trust announced on Oct. 29 that it is awarding Radio Tierra a $1,477 grant to purchase digital equipment field recording and remote broadcast equipment.

“This equipment upgrade will allow the station and its volunteer programmers to record regionally significant cultural events, broadcast them remotely, or archive them for future use,” said Radio Tierra Station Manager Patricia Baum. “This equipment upgrade and subsequent training program will teach programmers how to record, archive and distribute programming of cultural and historical significant to the community.”

Radio Tierra hires Station Manager

Paty Baum

Paty Baum

Hood River, OR. Oct. 18, 2014. Radio Tierra Board hired Patricia Baum as its first Station Manager. Paty is an educator with 15 years experience teaching and volunteering in Mexican schools. She co-founded two public libraries and three community-based sea turtle conservation groups. Paty earned a Masters in Environmental Education from University of Guadalajara, Mexico, as well as a BA in film from San Francisco State University.

She is a creative and animated teacher, writer, filmmaker, musician and artist with a strong interest in environmental education. Paty’s excited about working with young people and adults to produce regionally specific radio documentaries about all aspects of life, history, culture and the environment, in the Columbia Gorge.

She returned to Oregon this fall after living in Todos Santos, B.C.S., Mexico for 20 years.  A grant from Meyer Memorial Trust made possible hiring a Station Manger.

Radio Tierra Receives $29,593 Grant

Hood River, OR July 12, 2014– Radio Tierra, KZAS, was awarded a $29,593 grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust this month. The funds will be used to gather community input and develop a five year plan on how best to serve the Columbia Gorge in programming and technology.

The grant will allow the station to proceed with installing an antenna in the Parkdale area to provide service to the upper valley. Since its beginning 14 years ago, the station has run by volunteers. The grant will allow the station to now hire a station director.

Meyer Memorial Trust is a private foundation (not connected to Fred Meyer, Inc.)

Radio Tierra in July 4th parade

Radio Tierra entered the Hood River 4th of July Parade for the first time and won 3rd Place Award!

The crowd greeted it with applause and cheers. Diana led our entry carrying the American flag. The stars of the show were the young dancers in their colorful costumes. Paper flowers made by Radio Tierra volunteers decorated the float. The flowers were given to the parade audience.

Fairy Falls

Hold on to your seats Columbia Gorge!!! Adding to our already happening line up of amazing shows.  We have Laurie Cohen joining our Radio Tierra family with her show Psicodelico con DJ Fairy Falls.

Tune in every Friday from 5-6 pm to hear all your psychedelic favorites from the 1960’s in both English and Spanish.


Conectados con Leti Valle

Radio Tierra would like to welcome back one of our great DJ’s and behind the scenes ladies.  Leticia Valle, with her new show Conectados con Leti Valle.  She will be broadcasting music, with local and world current events.  She will also be sharing some healthy recipes and some fun exercises.   Tune in every Tuesday from 10:00 am-noon for all the current happening in our community.

Mind, body, and Soul

Adding to the line up of exciting new shows.  We want to welcome Anna and Sarah to our Radio Tierra family!

The ladies will be starting you off every Sunday morning 9-10 with their new show SANA.

They will be kicking off their show on June 22nd.  So tune in and get your Sunday started off with food for the mind, body and soul!